Buildings for a Sustainable Climate

BSC Vision/Mission


BSC’s vision is a world 20 years in the future where most homes and buildings are electricity generators, even during hot weather, and most transport runs on cleanly generated electricity. The electric grid redistributes surplus electricity from sustainable buildings to energy intensive buildings and public transport. Transport uses little gasoline and only a few efficient generating plants are needed.

US greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by 85%.

Our vision may seem a fool’s paradise, but such a vision is what is needed. Better to aim for a 90% reduction and fall short by a few percent than aim for 50% and achieve it.

BSC’s mission is to achieve this greenhouse gas reduction by creating more profitable buildings. Higher income from building occupants coupled with significantly lower operating costs translate to bigger profits from buildings.

Our mission is to optimize the way governments, building owners and designers, plan, design, construct and operate buildings so that everyone benefits.

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When the temperature rises above 100℉, air conditioning systems stretch electrical grids beyond their limits and cars and trucks choke the air. Politicians and energy companies want to build a more robust electrical grid and more nuclear and coal power plants, costing trillions of dollars and creating more greenhouse gases.