Buildings for a Sustainable Climate

Energy Master Plans

The Path to Financial Success Through Sustainability

3 LU’s or PDU’s

ECOBUILD, Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC

Wednesday December 8, 2010

10:30 AM - 1:30 PM

This workshop presents a comprehensive, science-based Energy Master Plan (EMP) that safeguards financial stability and assures long term financial success while transitioning facilities and institutions to a sustainable, high performance, energy independent future. Attendees will learn how our EMP develops a financial success plan to move their institution to a zero carbon footprint with preventive maintenance and optimum indoor health and comfort, which can improve occupant productivity by up to 25%.

Workshop Syllabus

Energy Master Planning Protocols, Principles and Practice – 3 Hrs plus questions.

                Target Audience: Presidents, CFO’s, Directors of Planning and Facility, Facility Personnel,

Engineering and Architecture Professionals and Sustainability Committee Members.

This session discusses how a building owner or institution can accelerate its path toward carbon neutrality utilizing a science-based sustainability platform. Transitioning facilities from energy users to energy generators is only one goal of EMPs. We compare our typical short, medium and long-term EMP results to other Climate Neutral Plans, demonstrating how we can use less capital investment to achieve up to 3 times the energy and maintenance savings along with a greater improvement in occupant comfort and productivity.

Learning Objectives:

1. How a comprehensive, science-based Energy Master Plan (EMP) will safeguard financial stability and assure long term financial success while transitioning a facility to a sustainable, high performance, energy independent future.

2. How an EMP will transition a facility to a zero carbon footprint, moving from an energy user to an energy generator, supplying energy for facility operations, transport and food. How moving to minimum preventive maintenance will assure minimizing life cycle operating costs while maintaining performance.

3. Why transitioning to integrated, holistic planning and development maximizes income and rewards from facilities. Develop optimum indoor health, safety and comfort to maximize satisfaction and productivity from occupants.

4. Develop new sustainable, high performance standards from new protocols, procedures and process. Develop new documentation to assure and substantiate sustainability and high performance.

Instructor:  Grahame E. Maisey, P.E., One of the world’s leading experts on sustainable, high performance building energy systems. He originated true sustainability protocols, Energy Master Plans, Total Quality Commissioning and Detailed Documentation during his 45 years work in energy engineering in the US and UK.

Contact: Beverly Milestone, Building Services Consultants, Inc., Wyncote PA.


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