Buildings for a Sustainable Climate

Energy Master Plans

Developing A Program and Projects

3 LU’s or PDU’s

ECOBUILD America, Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC

Thursday December 9, 2010

10:30 AM - 1:30 PM

This is the first workshop to present a comprehensive, science-based Energy Master Plan (EMP) that safeguards financial stability and assures long term financial success while transitioning facilities and institutions to a sustainable, high performance, energy independent future. Attendees will learn how our EMP develops a financial success plan to move their institution to a zero carbon footprint with preventive maintenance and optimum indoor health and comfort, which can improve occupant productivity by up to 25%.

Workshop Syllabus

Energy Master Planning Program, Phases and Projects - 3 Hrs plus questions.

Target Audience: All personnel concerned with sustainability and construction project performance.

This session develops the three phases of an Energy Master Plan in depth: short, medium and long-term projects. Systems that assure project integrity and life cycle performance are discussed. We reveal 20 hidden projects with less than a year payback that produce 17% savings in energy and maintenance. These projects can jump-start attendees’ programs, saving on average $500,000/Year/1,000,000ft2 of building.

Learning Objectives:

1. Develop the three major phases of an Energy Master Plan (EMP) - short, medium and long-term phases. Utilize The Natural Step sustainability framework to develop typical projects, integrating life cycle physical and financial performance.

2. New methods, protocols, processes, procedures and projects to attain and assure continued energy independence. Developing facilities from energy users to energy generators, providing energy for facility operations, transport and food. Revealing 20 hidden projects to jumpstart program.

3. Develop new strategies for optimizing and maintaining the indoor environment for occupant health, safety, comfort and productivity. Include ventilation, thermal, lighting and acoustic environmental performance.

4. Integrating QA/QC through Total Quality Commissioning and new detailed performance documentation to assure building whole life cycle performance. Assuring preventive maintenance to continue optimum performance throughout whole life cycle.

Instructor:  Grahame E. Maisey, P.E., One of the world’s leading experts on sustainable, high performance building energy systems. He originated true sustainability protocols, Energy Master Plans, Total Quality Commissioning and Detailed Documentation during his 45 years work in energy engineering in the US and UK.

Contact: Beverly Milestone, Building Services Consultants, Inc., Wyncote PA.


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