Buildings for a Sustainable Climate

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Building Performance Evaluations

Building Performance Evaluation has been around for decades, labeled an energy conservation study, a retrofit upgrade analysis, an ESCO report, etc. BSC evaluates the energy, maintenance and comfort performance by discovering exactly how a facility energy systems are performing and the most economical projects and programs to optimize them.

Design Challenges

Owners and architects are beginning to appreciate that even small problems with mechanical and electrical system designs do not go away with time, but often get much bigger and far worse within a few years of operation. When BSC challenges the design team to explain their system selection and sizing decisions, new information is uncovered that improves the selection and sizing. Our design challenges look for large performance improvements, and increase energy and maintenance performance by over 20% on average while improving comfort and maintaining the budget cost.


We perform troubleshooting on building mechanical and electrical systems; what others often incorrectly term retro-commissioning. We inspect, test and analyze building mechanical and electrical systems to determine how to optimize their performance, not just move a bad situation into a poor one. For deferred maintenance problems, we review the systems involved and prepare a step-by-step plan to eliminate the problems.

Energy Master Plans + Total Quality Commissioning

Coupling a TQC with an EMP provides assurance that the plans developed in the EMP will be followed and the goals and objectives are accomplished. When utilized together, there are no blind alleys or wrong turns along the path to sustainability; each step is defined by the EMP and realized through TQC.

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