Buildings for a Sustainable Climate


BSC workshops focus on creating sustainable, high performance systems and buildings because they:

                            Can provide a 25% to 125% Annual return on investment,

                            Can increase occupant productivity by 20%, including student test scores,

                            Eliminate energy costs, becoming energy generators, selling back to the electric grid,

                            Lower maintenance costs, 65% less cost - all preventive, no deferred,

                            Provide healthier, more comfortable and productive indoor environments.

We offer a range of training workshops for:

                            Presidents, CFO’s, CEO’s and Senior Administrative Staff,

                            Facilities and Planning Departments,

                            Academic Staff and Students,

                            Architect and Engineering Firms,

and everyone who wants a deeper knowledge of sustainable, high performance building energy systems and communities, or more specifically, of their own systems or projects.

We offer these workshops to consortiums of building owners to spread the methodology to as many people as possible. Visit our Information - Announcements page for dates and locations of some of the workshops we have opened up to different groups including colleges and universities, hospitals and buildings in general.

Our workshops can be are tailored to meet individual needs.  Some past workshops:

                            Holistic, Integrated Planning and Design for Buildings and Communities;

                            Mechanical System Design Challenge;

                            Climate Neutral Plans for ACUPCC Signatories;

                            Preparing an Energy Master Plan (EMP);

                            EMPs for Hospitals;

                            EMPs for Colleges and Universities;

                            Total Quality Commissioning;

                            Building Performance Evaluation;

                            Detailed Design Intent Document and the Sustainable Building Logbook.

BSC workshops are the most cost efficient method of attaining a working knowledge in the specialized areas we work in.  This knowledge can be immediately used on any and every current and future project.

Call us at 215.886.6464 or email us at to learn more about how we can help you help your building become an energy generator.

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